1)             Tariffs

a) A deposit of 50% of the total cost of your booking is required at the time of your booking to secure the property. The remaining 50% is payable in full 2 weeks prior the arrival date.

b) A surcharge of 2.5% will be applied to all accommodation charges if paying by CREDIT CARD (MasterCard or Visa accepted).

c) Full payment is required at the time of booking if your booking is made less than 1 month prior to your arrival.

d) If for any reason your payments are not received by the due dates we reserve the right to cancel your booking and apply appropriate cancellation charges (see Clause 3 Cancellations).

f) Keys will not be given out unless full payment has been made.

g) Keys will only be handed out to person nominated on booking unless other arrangements have been made.

h) No details of booking will be discussed with anyone other than person who is nominated on booking.

i) Tariffs quoted are correct at time of printing and are subject to change without notice.

j) Prices shown on other websites are an estimate only and we reserve the right to charge the current price as shown on our website.

 2)               Security Deposit

a) Credit card details will be taken on arrival at office when picking up keys which will be used for the security deposit.

b) The security deposit is held as a pending transaction if made via credit card. Montville Real Estate endeavour to ensure this is released within 14 days of departure, however this may alter pending banking delays. Montville Real Estate take no responsibility for any delays.

b) Should a credit card not be available, a cash security deposit of $500 is to be paid on arrival and/ or deposited in our trust account prior to arrival (details available from Montville Real Estate).

c) The security deposit, if paid by cash or direct deposit into our trust account will be fully refunded by direct deposit within 14 days after departure if no claims are to be made.

d) All credit card details will be destroyed after final inspection of the property, if no claims are to be made.

e) We reserve the right to make claims on the security deposit if the terms and conditions are not met, resulting in loss, extra cleaning, damage, expense or inconvenience.

f) Guests will be notified on claims being made prior to any payments being debited.

g) If a claim should exceed your security deposit, an account for the difference shall be forwarded to you and will be payable within seven days.

h) Montville Real Estate reserve the right to decline a stay should security deposit not be made by time of arrival. No refund will be applicable should a stay be unable to occur due to a security deposit not being received.

i) If staying at Roversdale, please note that the security deposit is $500.00.

3)             Guest Responsibilities

a) Guests may only park vehicles in the designated areas.

b) The property must not be used for unlawful purposes.

c) Guests must comply with the by-laws, rules and regulations of the Body Corporate property (if applicable) and any reasonable direction of the operator. The lease will be terminated if any guest fails to comply after receiving a warning.

d) All guests must conduct themselves in a proper manner so as not to cause a nuisance, including excess noise, or interfere with the use or enjoyment of the property for other occupiers (if a Body Corporate property) or neighbouring properties. Unruly, loud or offensive behaviour will not be tolerated. If complaints are received this may result in termination of the lease and loss of unused balance of accommodation. Local council regulations state that no excess noise is to be made between the hours of 10pm and 7am.

e) Parties and functions are strictly prohibited. If an unauthorized function/party has been held at the property a minimum charge of $1200 will be charged. An additional fee of $150 per each additional occupant will apply.

f) It is the guest’s responsibility to maintain the cleanliness of the property during the lease period.

g) Smoking inside the property is prohibited. Guests must discard cigarette butts into the rubbish bin. Cigarette butts discarded into garden beds may incur an additional charge for cleaning.

h) On departure guests must leave the property clean and tidy. This includes emptying the rubbish bin in the kitchen and placing in council provided bins on property, placing dirty dishes in dish washer and commencing wash cycle, leaving used towels in the bathroom, cleaning of the BBQ, ensuring oven and grill has no food spills. As you are leaving we ask you check all lights, cooling and heating appliances are turned off and all windows and doors are locked. A cleaning fee will be charged at the guest’s expense if property is left dirty or unclean.

i) Garbage bins are provided at all properties. Please ensure that all garbage is removed from your holiday property and placed in bins provided. Additional charges apply for rubbish removal if items have been left.

j) No liability is accepted for any injury, debt, damage, loss, delay, expense or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by events beyond the agent or owners control. No responsibility is taken for guests personal property left on or near the premises. It is recommended that guests take out personal property insurance or adequate travel insurance should any unexpected situations arise before or during your travel period.

k) All guests are responsible for keeping the property secure during their stay and will be responsible for any theft or damage due to neglect in this area.

l) All guests are responsible for any loss or damage arising from breakages or other damage to the building, contents or property during their stay. All repairs or replacement will be at the guest’s expense.

m) Furniture is not to be moved around. Items are not to be moved from property to property. A fee will be charged should this occur.

n) If keys and/or remotes are lost, the guest will be responsible for the changing of locks and remotes (if applicable) and the cutting of new sets of keys.

o) Each holiday property is equipped for a specific number of guests. It is against Queensland Department of Health regulations for more persons to occupy a property than there are beds to accommodate them. No extra mattresses are to be brought onto the property. If the property is reported to be overloaded, the booking will be terminated and guests will be asked to vacate with no refund made. Additional fees will be charged per person for any additional occupants.

p) Bunk Beds – Australian Standards relate to the use of bunk beds and state that: Children under the age of 9 years are not permitted to use the top bunk. Also Children must not play on the top bunk.

q) Strictly no tents or caravans are permitted on holiday properties.

r) Any areas designated as private by the owners are strictly out of bounds.

s) All properties are on tank water and septic or bio cycle systems. Guests are requested to be water wise and observant of allowable usages of these systems – Washing of cars, usage of external hoses and sprinklers is strictly prohibited.

t) Due to fire safety hazards, open fires are not permitted. Please use barbeque facilities provided.

u) NO ANIMAL OR PET is to be brought onto property – see Clause 7 Pets in terms and conditions.

 4)             Cancellations

a) Cancellations made more than 30 days from arrival date will incur a $150 cancellation fee. Refunds of deposit paid will be sent within 2-3 weeks of cancellation date.

b) Cancellations made within 30 days of arrival date, but prior to 14 days before arrival will incur a charge of 50% loss of the total booking cost.

c) Cancellations made within 14 days of arrival date will not be entitled to any refund of funds paid.

c) In the event of advance bookings being cancelled by the owner and/or agent, a full refund will apply.

d) No refund is made on unused portion of rent if guests vacate prior to their departure date. This is including unused portions due to COVID-19 restrictions.

e) Should a booking be unable to occur due to a government directive in relation to COVID-19, guests will be entitled to a 12-month credit so that they may re-book their stay for another date, subject to availability. Credits are non-transferrable between properties or guests. The guest is responsible for any additional booking costs should the new dates be at a higher rate than the original booking.

Should the guest choose not to hold the funds in credit and instead request a full cancellation, a $150 cancellation fee will apply.

The above clause is only applicable for stays impacted by a government directive with relation to COVID-19. The guest must supply evidence of being impacted to be eligible. Should sufficient evidence not be provided, the standard cancellation charges are applicable as per Clauses a to d in Cancellations.

Our COVID-19 policy does not apply to guests who are not travelling due to an event they may have been attending being postponed or cancelled. 

5)             Change of Property/Dates

a) For a change of property or dates, more than 30 days prior to arrival a $20 Admin Fee will apply.

b) For a change of property or dates, less than 30 days prior to arrival Clause b in Cancellations applies.

c) No fee will apply to extend the dates of your holiday booking, however this is subject to availability.

 6)             Arrival / Departure Times

a) Arrival time is 2pm on date of arrival, however whist every endeavour is made to have the property prepared for occupancy from time to time some larger houses may not be ready for occupancy until 3pm. Departure time is strictly 10am on date of departure. A later check out time between 10am and 12 noon may be available but cannot be guaranteed until morning of arrival. A $50 late checkout fee is applicable. A fee may apply for late departures if no prior arrangements are made and cleaners are unable to gain access.

b) On departing the keys must be returned to the office. For after hour’s key drop-off, a key slot is located on the front door of the Real Estate office.

c) Keys are to be collected from our office on arrival. Our office is open Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm. If you intend to arrive after these hours please call prior to your arrival to make alternate arrangements. An after hours lockbox is applicable in these circumstances. If your arrival is with relation to Roverdale, a staff member will make contact to meet you directly at the property.

 7)             Pets

a) No animals or pets are to be brought onto a property whether by a paying guest or visitor under any circumstances.

b) If pets, which are unapproved, are found on the premises, the booking will be terminated and guests will be asked to vacate with no refund made.


8)             Faults/problems

a) All properties under Montville Real Estate management are privately owned and are rented on a fully self-contained basis. In the event of faults and/or malfunctions of appliances or inclusions, there is no obligation from the owner or Montville Real Estate to compensate or discount.

b) At times situations arise over which we have no control. Montville Real Estate reserves the right to move visitors to alternate accommodation (subject to availability) at their discretion or at the direct instruction of the property owner. If this is the case, we will notify all guests as soon as possible and make every reasonable effort to make sure that they are satisfied with their new address.

c) Sometimes power blackouts occur in the area with no forewarning due to storm activity or outages. In this instance where Montville Real Estate has had no prior knowledge and therefore no control over the situation should it arise, Montville Real Estate nor the owner will accept responsibility for any inconvenience caused.

d) Montville Real Estate does not accept responsibility for any inconvenience with machinery breakdown. The agent’s best endeavours to repair, replace or hire an alternative will be undertaken.

e) Should a tradesperson be sent out upon a guest request to carry out a repair that was unnecessary, the cost of the callout will be at the guest’s expense.

f) Left items – if requested we will endeavour to recover and return items of value inadvertently left in a holiday property, but we take absolutely no responsibility for the recovery or return of these items. Postage and packaging for the return of any items will be at the guest’s cost at a minimum of $25 and will be required prior to postage. Low value items found will be held for claiming for a maximum of two weeks and if not claimed will be disposed of.

g) Montville Real Estate may inspect the property with reasonable notice and at any time without notice if there is any belief that there has been a breach of these conditions herein.

h) If the occupancy ends or the lease is terminated, guests must immediately vacate the property. Montville Real Estate is authorised to do whatever is required to enforce the eviction of any guest and removal of guest’s property.

9)             Disclaimer

a) Montville Real Estate has endeavored to maintain the accuracy of the content within this website, however from time to time aspects of the content may be out of date. Certain information is provided by others including landlords, and for that we accept no responsibility for its accuracy.

b) Montville Real Estate, and any representatives, makes no warranty, express or implied, including, but not limited to, the warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and freedom from infringement, nor assumes any legal liability or responsibility, for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, apparatus, product, or process disclosed, in any of these materials. Montville Real Estate, and any representatives, specially disclaims any other warranties, guarantees, and promises, whether or not stated in full in this document.