Presenting Your Home For Profit

Many home-sellers risk losing thousands of dollars by neglecting a few simple presentation essentials that can help maximise the value of a property. When you present your home on the market, you need to address a few key areas:

Property presentation

Less is best.  Minimize clutter and look critically at your furniture placement. The majority of buyers want a spacious home and also need to visualise their own belongings in the property. Start now by sorting out for your relocation to your new home.

Focus on the space in your home - perhaps remove any excess furniture and keep doorways and hallways clear and easy to get through.

De-personalize – to a point.  A few family photographs make a house feel like a home. But, don’t have them on every surface in every room.  Buyers need to be able to imagine their family in this space.

Appeal to the five senses

Smell:   Fresh and clean – that’s the smell that appeals to most people.  The trick of freshly baked bread and brewed coffee can be overdone.  We live in the country – make the most of the fresh air and open your windows to the garden.  Ensure there are no pet, or mould/musty smells.

Sight:    Open your blinds and curtains to the natural light.  If it is a dark room, mood lighting through the effective placement of lamps can help to create ambience, but be aware that it does need to be appropriate. Ensure the beds are well made and items of clothing a put away.

Touch:    Although in general we discourage buyers from touching items in the property, it is still essential to wipe down kitchen benches and surfaces so they feel and look clean, and wash floors to remove any stickiness.

Sound:    If your home is in a quiet area, the “sound of silence” is your best selling point.  If however, you live on a busy road or neighbourhood some background sound will help mask the noise.  Make sure you have background music that relaxes and calms.  A garden fountain with the sound of trickling water will also mask any background noise.

Taste:    Linked to smell and essential to the presentation of your kitchen – the heart of the home!  Have fresh herbs near the door or on the kitchen bench. The faint scent of recently baked bread or cakes can be appealing as long as it is a faint scent and not an overpowering as if you were trying to mask a bad smell.  

Present your home in the manner that you would wish if you were a buyer 

  1. Everything should be in order - don't overload any cupboards, as the last thing you want is an avalanche when a prospective buyer opens a cupboard door.
  2. Quickly vacuum all floor surfaces and pack away unused dishes. You want to appeal to the emotions and create a great experience.
  3. Sweep all paths and outdoor areas - especially the entrance.

Presenting your home for sale doesn't have to be hard. At Montville Real Estate, we have access to some great local home handymen who can assist with the little jobs to ensure everything is at its best.

An effective agent will recommend any upgrades required to maximise your sale price and overall profit.