In today's fast-paced world, many people feel they don't have enough time to maintain the property they've worked so hard to own. But it's not that difficult. Allocate a small amount of time on a regular basis to achieve maximum benefit.

For your own personal satisfaction, and also to ensure a good sale price, performing regular basic property maintenance is essential. Here's our simple checklist:

  1. Check that all doors close correctly and all hinges are oiled.
  2. Touch up chipped and tired paintwork so the property always looks presentable.
  3. Remove marks on walls to keep a fresh appearance.
  4. Clean windows to bring the outside in.
  5. Dust and vacuum neglected spots such as window sills, door tracks and inside cupboards.
  6. Adjust sticky screen doors to ensure they glide with ease.
  7. Sweep all paths and outdoor areas.
  8. Remove cobwebs, dust and dirt.
  9. Freshen up outside with a coat of paint or a simple scrub down.
  10. Prune plants and weed garden beds.

Although these may seem like simple chores, we tend to put them off. However, if we attend to them regularly, the result is a much more pleasurable living environment. Even throwing open windows and doors once a week to allow fresh air to circulate makes a huge difference.

When it comes to special projects, do one thing at a time, from start to finish. In real estate, we see so many homes where only half a job has been completed and the client says: “I just never got around to finishing it.”  Fact is, incomplete projects make your home both unappealing and unattractive. Do one special project at a time and complete it to a professional standard; it makes the whole process of improvement easy.

Don’t let years of dust and dirt build up. Keep your home clean, well maintained and keep it enjoyable - for now and for the future.