Smooth Sale

The process of selling your home is relatively simple … isn’t it?

Well, unfortunately, it’s not just a matter of selecting an agent, erecting a “For Sale” board, getting some buyers to come through, negotiating on some offers and choosing the successful buyer.

Often, the first step in the process has a huge impact right through to settlement day. Generally, the first step is to choose an agent. Then, once you’re comfortable with your selection, there are a couple of ways to ensure that your property sale stays on track.

Have regular update meetings with your agent.
Whether your meetings are face-to-face or over the phone, it is important to keep a check on how your property is going. For instance, what marketing is being undertaken? What feedback have you received from the market? What offers have been made? And, if you’re going to auction, how many interested parties are there?

Look at your competition. 
Keep an eye out for any new homes that have come onto the market that may be of interest to your ideal buyers. Ask yourself how these homes compare with your own in terms of presentation, marketing and price. Assessing the competition ensures that you’re up-to-date and not missing out on any vital elements.

Measure the number of days that your property is on the market. 
A home that is is correctly marketed and well priced does not need to be on the market for more than three months. Consequently, if your property is getting past the 60-day mark, call a meeting with your agent and confirm a new strategy to re-energise your campaign. Often, this is the key driver for vendors to decide on an auction, as it sets a date for the sale, identifies clear marketing (such as advertisement dates and open-house times) and provides regular face-to-face contact with your agent regarding market changes and price feedback.

Look for ways to make your home attractive.
If your property is on the market for an extended period, look at all the factors. Think through what you can do to get the sale on track and be prepared for an open conversation with your agent. Ask yourself: “If your home was the agent’s, what would you advise him or her to get it sold?”

Most importantly, be prepared to listen and take advice.
Realistic pricing, effective marketing programs that get results, and an honest, open and transparent relationship between agent and owner is the underpinning to a smooth, efficient and rewarding property transaction.